The treatment I receive at Balance Massage is excellent. I’ve found that regular therapeutic massage, provided by the knowledgeable and professional therapists at Balance contribute greatly to my overall health and wellness. Also, I appreciate the convenience of their online appointment bookings and automated email reminders.


I’ve always been one to try and treat ailments naturally before taking pain medication and was lucky enough for someone to tell me about TMJ massage. When I first came to Balance I didn’t know what to expect, but was getting intense headaches so frequently that I would have tried just about anything. Bree listened to my concerns, made me feel comfortable and started a treatment plan. Wow is all I have to say! Continuing to receive TMJ massage at Balance not only relieves a lot of my tension, but more importantly I rarely get headaches now.
Thank you!

I have experienced chronic back pain and general stiffness for many years, and in order to obtain an acceptable level of comfort, I regularly go for massages. While I feel that massages are typically viewed as a method of relaxation, the health benefits that are associated with them are phenomenal. For me personally, it decreases my body pain, soreness, and stiffness, it increases my mobility and flexibility, and as a result I sleep better and I am more productive at work. I have received massages from several masseuses over the years, and those at Balance Massage are among the very best. Not only are they professional, pleasant, and reasonable priced, but they are amazing at their trade. I highly recommend you make an appointment with Balance Massage right away!

I have found massage therapy to be a critical component to any training program, to prevent injuries and for overall health. The therapists at Balance Massage are knowledgeable and professional and I attribute their advice and care to distressing my mind and body.

As a regular client of Balance Massage Edmonton I was excited to see so many therapists registered as prenatal massage therapists. When I was pregnant with my son I received regular massage. I truly believe this is why my pregnancy was fairy pain free. When my hips and lower back where sore I came in for a massage
and always walked out feeling so much better. I still go in to Balance for regular massage. I love the relaxed and clean environment. I would recommend Balance Massage Edmonton to anyone who is looking for a great therapist.

I have seen well over a dozen different massage therapists in the last 10+ years after suffering from a serious accident, which caused a myriad of health problems years after the accident. These medical issues required me to eek out various treatments that were not in the form of pill in an attempt to become pain free or make chronic pain manageable. Some treatments, by these former massage therapists were excellent and beneficial while others would barely count as a passable massage therapy and would have no favorable outcomes. While “shopping” for new massage therapist at the beginning of 2013 I came across Kim. I wasn’t sure what to expect, since the week before i had been poked and jabbed at which barely constituted a massage, and I was pleasantly surprised. She made me feel completely comfortable when I arrived by greeting me in a professional yet friendly manner and listened to my concerns about my problem areas. During my treatment she was open to answering questions and how and why she was treating areas and by the end of the treatment I was amazed how I felt. I have since been going back t her on almost a weekly basis and she has provided consistent beneficial results tackling long term problems and being open to my suggestions to working on areas that I would know would reduce my discomfort.
She has even tried to make the experience more therapeutic by offering options such as choosing a selection of music I enjoy so I could further relax.

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